Helping Everyone Live Positive


2019 Women’s Empowerment Prayer Breakfast

The goal of the Woman’s Empowerment Prayer Breakfast is to coordinate an ethnicity effort educating and advocating the Power of Women, in Prayer and Faith.  As we advocate, a time for fellowship, prayer and emotional healing for women by women.   While recognizing Dallas’ Most Powerful Living Legends and Influential Women of Faith.

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This workshop covers How to start a Business / Grant Proposal writing & Doing Business with the Federal Government, while inviting other governmental agencies and certification agencies to join and assist.

Job Fair & Legal Workshop

The Job Fair is designed to aid individuals that have been incarcerated find employment.  Participants can receive assistance resumes and interview with major manufacturers and businesses in Dallas.  The Legal Workshop offers individuals an opportunity to one-on-one consultation with attorneys and other legal professionals as well as Veterans assistance with HUB programs. 

Back to School Giveaway

The goal of the Summer Back to School–Voucher & Clear Back Pack Program is to assist 1,000 or more  low income or economically disadvantaged families. Each family is provided with  gift cards /vouchers to assist with school uniforms or clothing and a clear back pack for each child in elementary and middle schools (to help deter guns and drugs out of schools).


Verna’s HELP Foundation have a variety of highly recognized sponsorship opportunities available to corporations and organizations looking for community activities that generates recognition. Consider joining us as a sponsor at one our annual events like the Back to School Giveaway, that shows the community you care and you’re ready to HELP make a difference in their lives! Please Contact Verna’s HELP Foundation for more info.


Verna’s HELP Foundation is always looking for volunteers to assist in Foundation events. If you’re detail-oriented with strong experience using Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, as well as excellent interpersonal communication skills or if you are a college, high school student needing community service hours, then the foundation may be able to help you to. Please Contact Verna’s HELP Foundation for more info.


Verna’s HELP Foundation goal is to make it possible for local communities to access the tools, training, and support they need to become more effective and make their community and lives a better place. Your donation is needed and donations are tax-deductible and donors will be recognized in our event program and on the Foundations website. Please Contact Verna’s HELP Foundation for more info.


Verna’s HELP Foundation mission is to give back to our community, while helping everyone live positive lives. Whether you have attended an event, want to volunteer, join our team or just want more information, we’d love to hear from you. See contact info below.

Our Business Workshop

Join us for the 2018 workshop



Special Guest

 Cross Timbers Procurement Technical Assistance  Center
Helping companies find contracts for work with Local, State and Federal  governments.

 Special Guest

Mr. Albert Garza, Director of Small Business Acquisition

Special Guest

Proposal and Grant Writing


Verna Thomas-Melton

Executive Director of Verna’s Help Foundation

Founder/CEO of Verna’s Ventures, LLC

Since 2004 Vernas H.E.L.P Foundation volunteers and sponsors community workshops to teach others by helping and sharing information about Faith Base Grants, How to Write Proposals and how to start a business. Today, VERNAS H.E.L.P FOUNDATION, a continuation of the Verna Thomas H.E.L.P. Foundation, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission:

Helping Everyone Live Positive

Sponsored by Verna’s Ventures, LLC


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